Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Submitting your creations

Contributed by DivaPixie
In April 2009, a friend and fellow jewelry artist walked into my classroom after the dismissal bell had rung for the day. She had with her a copy of a magazine called Bead Trends.
"I think you should submit photos to this publication."
"They published my things and your wire work is way better than my bead stringing. Submit something. See what happens."
She dropped the April issue on my desk, smiled and walked out again.
I flipped through the magazine and saw all the wonderful things that people had created. Could my pieces really compete with these seasoned artisans? By the following morning I had decided to investigate the magazine further. I went to their website and poked around a bit. ALL their photographs were submitted by artists, some of whom design and create jewelry for a living and those who like me are hobby jewelry designers.
I read up on their requirements for submission and decided to try it. I submitted three photos of pieces I had created and waited to hear back. It was so simple. All I had to do was send an email to the address listed with my name, contact info, a description of the piece in question and a photo of the piece. Simple.

Amazingly, they accepted one of my rings for publication! I was thrilled!
The editor wrote a letter explaining that I was to send the ring to their company in a secure box, well wrapped and insured to them within a specified period of time. They would then have their photographers photograph the item and then would send it back when the issue with my piece was released. They also sent two copies of the magazine as well as a $20 certificate for me to spend at Fire Mountain Gems. I thought this was a great deal!
I have since submitted and had several other jewelry pieces accepted for publication, including a steampunk inspired necklace featured in this month's issue.

I highly recommend this publication for great jewelry ideas as well as a means for getting pieces published. It is great PR and super easy to submit pieces for consideration. They are currently accepting pieces for the October 2011 issue. You can find the requirements and categories for submissions as well as upcoming issues at:

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