Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet amdesignsbyangela

My name is Angela McKenna of AMDesignsbyAngela Artisan Studio. My business name actually started as AM Designs, but when it came to a web presence that domain name was not available..well it was for like $ I added "by Angela".and started to build my online identity.

I started making jewelry in early 2006 when I decided that I wanted some semi-precious stone bead necklaces. I figured I could make myself and not need to spend retail prices. The first thing I did was order a large assortment of beads, got a stringing book, the necessary tools and supplies and I was off...I have never looked back since. I easily became addicted to everything about creating jewelry, especially learning new techniques. I have learned a lot, but I still have a lot to learn. In the meantime I am happy to be creating and doing that with attention to workmanship and quality.

I am a creative soul...I have worked in other creative enterprises as my primary source of income...designing and merchandising men's apparel, interior decorating and graphic design. My hobbies have included pottery, both wheel-thrown and hand built and card making.

I really love using sheet's the manipulation of the metal that gives me the most satisfaction...adding dimension and changing its form and texture. Working with wire is a favorite method to create with...I love weaving wire and using a variety of wire techniques in a design to create contrasting textures...wire work is a very serene and stress relieving activity.

I can't pick one favorite item in my shop...however, it is usually the last piece I made. My favorite type of item to create is one that enables me incorporate a variety of skills.

I am inspired by everything I see...nature, architecture, people, paintings, fabrics, all intrigues me and influences what I create.

I don't know how interesting or unique it is, but I am primarily self-taught. I haven't taken any classes. I have done tons of research online, read many books and magazines and networked online and in person with amazingly talented and generous jewelry artists. In fact I am an administrator of one of the biggest jewelry forums online...Starving Jewelry Artists...our mission is to share our experience and knowledge and support our community from beginners to masters.

Enjoy what you create...don't compare yourself to other artists...the joy is in the process.

Find me on the web:

Art Fire Studio

AM Designs by Angela
AM Jewelry Designs
Starving Jewelry Artists

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  1. Dee, thank you for posting this interview, it is truly appreciated.