Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twisted Bliss Designs

Twisted Bliss Designs is a collaborative creative adventure between my partner Andy and I (Tami). We met by a beautiful hot spring in New Mexico and quickly learned that we shared an interest in jewelry making. We spent several years traveling and camping across the country and find most of our inspiration in the spirals and beauty of nature. When we were introduced to wire wrapping, we fell in love with the medium and we’re still addicted 13 years later! We continue to push each others creativity to the next level, always trying to come up with new ideas and patterns. Most of our pieces are collaborations that combine Andy's abstract asthetic and attention to detail with my love of color and perfectionist streak. We retain our individuality by each having our own line of creations as well. We have 28 years of jewelry experience between us, 13 of which were spent collaborating in wire work, and we strive to create a unique product that is handcrafted to last. We love precious and semi-precious stones ~ particularly moonstone, laboratorite, fire agate and ammolite. We chose the name Twisted Bliss Designs because we believe life is about following your bliss and twisting wire is one of ours! Every piece we sell allows us to continue doing what we love and gets us one step closer to our dream of one day owning a little rock and jewelry shop.
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Green Sapphire and Ammolite

Labradorite Peacock Feather

Watermelon Tourmaline


  1. Your work is absolutely stunning and incredible!! What an honor to have you as members of our wonderful guild!

  2. Truly stunning work! I love the detail of your wire work.

  3. I recently discovered your work when I was making my first AF collection, and looking through the work of our guild members for blue and purple pieces. And I totally fell in love with your work! This watermelon Tourmaline piece is beyond breathtaking!! Do you have tutorials for this kind of pendants?

  4. Thank you for the compliments! We are very happy to be a part of this guild and connect with a community of wonderful artists. Right now we're working full time and making jewelry every spare minute, so we haven't had time to work on tutorials yet, but we'll let you know if we ever come up with one.
    Thanks again!
    ~Tami and Andy~
    ~Twisted Bliss Designs~