Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet Nightsky Jewelry~ Sharon Burgess

Interview with NightskyJewelry~Sharon Burgess

AJG:Where are you from, and what are one or two things you like about it?
NSK:I've lived all over the country including Alaska, but Utah has always felt the most like home, I'm not sure why. I don't fit in with most of the people (I'm not a Mormon or a Republican) so I guess it must be the mountains that keep me here! Salt Lake City is in a gorgeous valley at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, and it's really beautiful. Unless you're here when we're stuck in an inversion and you can't see through the brown air, but let's not talk about that!

AJG:How would you describe your style of jewelry?
NSJ: I like simple designs, so most of my work is clean without much to draw attention away from the gemstones I'm using. I use uncomplicated wire wrapping, and I also enjoy bending, twisting, and hammering silver wire into interesting shapes and designs from which to hang stones. I make mostly earrings with an occasional necklace or pendant thrown into the mix. There seems to be an old hippie chick living inside of me who pops out every now and then and takes over. When that happens, it's pretty evident.

:What hobbies, sports, or other leisure time activities do you enjoy most?
NSJ: This time of year I enjoy doing a bit of gardening, both veggies and flowers. I'm not very good at it, but it's fun. I love to travel! Someday I would like to get rid of my house and just boogie around the world a few times. I enjoy movies, reading, theater, music (classic rock is my noise of choice) and playing on the internet. But my favorite hobby is making jewelry! It amazes (and flatters) me that I can actually do it, and make a little money at it. At least enough to feed my bead addiction.

:What do people like most about you?
NSJ: Wow, you would have to ask them. Maybe my sense of humor, but it's possible that I think I'm way funnier than they do.

AJG:What is one of the most creative things you’ve ever done?
NSJ:I made my sister's wedding dress. What was I thinking? What was SHE thinking?

AJG:Do you have a favorite jewelry designer?
NSJ: I've worked with many very talented jewelry designers and goldsmiths in the Salt Lake Valley for the past 30 years, having done their custom wax work until about 2001. Except for them, I don't even know the names of any jewelry designers. Yes, I live in my own small world. ;-)

:What do you want to be doing ten years from now?
NSJ:I would like to be retired and rich, traveling around the world. But are you talking reality? In that case, I just hope my eyes and hands still work well enough to play with wire and gemstones! And I hope my daughters and grandsons will still like to hang out with me whenever we're in the same city, at the same time.

AJG:Is there anything else we should know?
NSJ: Nope!