Thursday, June 25, 2009

June Challenge Summer Solstice

OH! Summer Solstice that wonderful longest daylight of the year day! The beginning of Summer, celebrated many ways! See HERE for info on Summer Solstice Modern and Ancient Celebration.
Join us in our expression of Summer Solstice in Artisan Jewelry. Please choose and vote for your favorite! But it won't be easy!

Poll will be LIVE at Midnight!

Cyndie Smith Designs Summer Cuff

Meri Greenleaf Bregalads Braken

Gravel Road Jewelry Zenith

Jewelry by Joy Gold Moonstone Necklace

2 Good Claymates Floral Sunrise Brooch Pendant

All Wired Up TOO Summer Sunrise

Silver River Jewelry Circle in the Sun


  1. Wow--what a fabulous selection of artisan jewelry--You are right Dee this is a really hard decision!
    Kudos for all you talented jewelry artisans!

  2. Really a hard decision. Beautiful beautiful pieces. all are worthy

  3. Wow, this month is a tough one...these are all beautiful! I am definitely leaning towards one. Good luck to everyone!