Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring 2011 Jewelry Trends from Canterbury Vines Studios

Color is huge this season. You will see a rainbow of bright colors. Honeysuckle, a pink that has a little more red in it, is the number one color this season. I know I think of yellow when I think of Honeysuckle but I guess there are other colors for that sweet smelling flower. Think favorite brights like shades of turquoise, marigold, coral, and honeysuckle – a sweet, hint-of-red pink, along with hues in toned-down blue-gray and pinkish-brown.

The clothing trends seem to be all over the map this season. Bright colors, Safari, Whites, Florals, Menswear, looks from the 70’s. Lace, crochet, sporty, higher waisted pants with wide legs. Spring 2011 is all about a fresh, retro, candy land vibe with a dose of sophistication. Even with the 70’s reappearing think of the more sophisticated styles and the keep things edited.

Jewelry is also interesting this season. I see it being more edited than in previous seasons. Big cuff bracelets are still everywhere but now I see them with simple earrings and often with no necklace at all. Necklaces can be big statement pieces,or longer chains with a pendant often paired with a second shorter but equally delicate necklace. With a big statement necklace the other jewelry is edited out or kept very simple. Earrings are either simple to go with a big necklace or bracelet, or dangly with a great chunky ring or substantial, but not over the top, bracelet. Chunky rings are still a plenty but again edited down to just being the focal with great earrings and not much more. Earrings even when dangly seem to be more streamlined not the wide chandelier styles. Colored gems and floral motifs are dominating jewelry designs this season.

Seems like there is something for everyone this Spring, so give your wardrobe a little freshen up and have some fun!!

Welcome Spring,


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