Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Second Nature Designs

The name of my studio on Artfire is Second Nature Designs. I tried Second Nature Jewelry which is what it is on Etsy but Artfire said it was taken even though I have not seen another one named that on artfire. I chose the name when listening to a craft show and second nature was the name of the welder and I decided I liked it so much that I was going to use it as my line's name, so technically it is "Second Nature Jewelry Designs."

I started making jewelry about 7 years ago I think. It all started with some money I got for my birthday and some clearance beads at Michael's...the plastic one's no less. I then started moving up in my choice of better beads and then I took a soldering class and metals became my obsession. I took a PMC class and worked with that for a while. I want to truly master metal one day. I also took a class from Linda Abbott on wire wrapping at the Glass show that comes in April to the Southpoint. That started another couple of obsessions with wire and dichroic glass and here I am today. . .

My jewelry making didn't evolve from another craft, but I do like other crafts and sometimes merge or evolve into them from jewelry, like polymer clay, embossing metals, etc.

I love to use sterling silver, because I am finally getting to where I can do what I want with it, its always beautiful and loved by everyone.

Its really hard to pick just one item as my favorite. Each one has their own tale to tell. . .

My advice or tip to other artists is take good pictures or learn how to and use a light box if you can't use natural daylight.

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