Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Sonja from Silver River Jewelry

Tell us your name and the name of your studio(s) and how or why you chose it. Please provide link(s).

Silver River Jewelry is the name of my jewelry studio. Its kind of complicated lol. One of my dreams has always been to live by the water (river). But, I use a large amount of metal in my jewelry so SilverRiver is also appropriate.

My second shop is Silver River Glass Works and I kept Silver River because, well, I like it, and it keeps the brand going across the studios.

How long have you been creating jewelry and how did you start?

I started making jewelry in 2006. My daughter had expressed an interest in a bead making kit for her birthday and I am a firm believer in encouraging my kids to make things. So I bought her the kit. after about three weeks she decided she really wasn't interested. I am one of those people who have to have something to do with their hands and I was watching tv one night and picked up the kit. That was pretty much it lol, I made a necklace and 4 pairs of earrings that night and never looked back.

Did your jewelry making evolve from another craft?

Not really, although I have always done crafts of one type or another.

What is your favorite material to use and why?

Copper- its warm, earthy, and does some really wonderful things when heat is applied.

Do you use other materials?

I use sterling silver, gemstones, semi precious gemstones, lampwork beads that I make myself, sea glass, brass and a needle and thread and seed beads.

What is your favorite item in your store or what is your favorite type of item to create?

I pretty much like them all, I use a wide variety of techniques (I bore easily lol) but currently this is my favorite is the Hand Etched Heart Pendant with Handmade Lampwork Bead.

What or who ( ie: other artists, nature etc. ) inspire you the most?

Color mostly with nature coming in a close second. although just about anything can catch my eye, I have a pendant in my shop that was inspired by art on the wall of a restaurant.

Tell us something interesting or unique about you or your shop.

I make as many components of my jewelry as I can including the original drawings for the etchings, the lampwork beads, the findings so each piece is as unique as I can make it.

What advice or tip would you give to other artists?

Practice, practice, practice and if all else fails take a class with a good teacher. Sometimes, all you need is one tiny bit of knowledge to get you over the hump and on to the next step. Network, join a forum that talks about what you do, the exchange of knowledge is priceless.

Where can you be found around the web? Please provide links to your pages/social sites.

My blog
ArtFire Shop


  1. I have been admiring Silver River's work for a while now. It is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Love the bracelet, has an elegant old world look to it. Happy Creating!

    Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
    Deborah Leon

  3. I'm a bead buyer from Sonja! Love them! Love Sonja;s jewelry, too!
    Go AJG!