Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentines Challenge

'Tis the season of love and hearts! Please vote in the poll to the right. ( Yes we changed this Challenge as we felt that some may not want to leave a comment as they had more than one friend in the challenge..a blind vote IS better!) If you would like to be entered in a drawing for a prize, please leave a comment..making sure that we can contact you through that comment! Thanks bunches! Voting ends on Sunday the 7th of February at Midnight~
Please choose ONE...But it won't be EASY!

MeriGreenleaf Queen of Hearts

juiceglass Riveted:Love Artisan Glass Focal Pendant

Lynnwood Jewelry Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

2 Good Claymates Lace Heart Pendant

Gemlover Copper Ring with Jasper Cabochon

bellalinda Copper Patina and Silver Heart Necklace Be My Valentine

AllWireUpTOO Arizona Turquoise Abstract Heart Pendant


  1. Pretty hearts! I'm going to vote for "Love Artisan Glass Focal Pendant"

  2. I vote for "Queen of Hearts". I love the colors in the chain maille and the beads used. Its fun, magical and a lovely fantasy inspired piece.

  3. i wear my heart upon my...ear. my vote goes to the Queen of Hearts too!

  4. The riveted heart... how did you do that? I love it! They are all lovely, but that one gets my vote.

  5. Love the queen of hearts. Punk rock but sweet XD

  6. Wow this is really a tough one! I am going with riveted though. Nice job everyone!

  7. Wow,
    tough choice for me...but I'm going to have to say- were I ever to have ears, I'd wear MeriGreenleaf's, Queen of Hearts.


  8. As always a lovely collection of jewelry from this very talented guild. You guys really make it tough to choose just on item. Each one is unique and beautiful--each a winner--
    After much angst my choice is by Lynnwood Jewelry--kudos to you for creating a simple,but lovely classic necklace for Valentine's Day and every day!
    Good Luck to all of you guys--you rock!!!

  9. thank you Margo! We think that Ajdjss Guild Rocks TOO!

  10. They are all beautiful pieces and it was a difficult choice, as it usually is with all our challenges. I'm voting for the Sterling Silver Heart Necklace.

  11. This is so pretty - 2 Good Claymates Lace Heart Pendant - so it's got my vote


  12. That was a tough choice. They are all awesome but I fell in love with Copper Patina and Silver Heart Necklace Be My Valentine so that got my vote.