Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meet Trinkets and Treasures

Our AJG Member Ruthie of Trinkets and Treasures recently took a trip to Alaska~ I asked that she keep a journal and write a blog article for the AJG Blog~so with no further ado~

My husband and I like to travel. Last June we took our second trip to Alaska. It’s a beautiful state with wonderful, friendly people. We decided this year instead of flying straight to Vancouver we would fly to Seattle, Washington, stay for a few days and take a train to Vancouver and see the country side.
While plurking that I’m in Seattle, Rainwolf from ArtFire plurks me she is in Seattle and writes me with some good restaurants and places to see. We had already been in Seattle a couple of days and had bought our tour tickets. She was very nice and helpful with her advice. It was very thoughtful and kind of her to take the time to help us. We all know how busy our lives get. I would have loved to meet with her maybe at Seattle’s first Starbucks for coffee and chat. That would have been neat!
We went on to Vancouver and boarded the ship for our seven day cruise. We left the ship in Whittier and took a bus to Anchorage. We stayed in Anchorage a few days. I wanted to go to the open market festival they have by the train station every weekend. Last year we went and I bought some ivory, antler and fur pieces.

I thought I would buy some more and see if I could find any other unusual things. We had gone late on Saturday. They were closing soon, so we thought we could fit in a little time the next day also. While walking down the row of booths, I see a booth with the name Creative Cove. I thought could it be? So I walked in and said “Is this the Creative Cove on ArtFire?” She said, “Yes it is.”, I said, “Hello, I’m Trinkets, Trinkets and Treasures“. We couldn’t believe it! It was so exciting to be meeting someone who I chat with online, another fellow ArtFire shop owner in person and seeing their work. She was so friendly and nice.

The next day I was back at the market and stopped in to see Creative Cove. She has a great booth, and her jewelry is even more beautiful in person than on line. We introduced our husbands and spoke a little. I wanted to have a picture so my husband took a couple. I promised to send them to her. My husband wanted to know where Sara lived so he could go by, LOL. ( No, we didn’t get to do that L . ) Once again, I had a schedule to keep, if you knew my husband you would understand. So next trip to Anchorage, I will call ahead and make plans to have coffee and/or lunch, so we can talk. It was a really exciting and a lot of fun. I will always remember this.

It has been my experience with the people on ArtFire that they are truly nice, helpful, thoughtful, kind, and giving people. You couldn’t ask for better. I am glad to be a part of ArtFire and know the people there. How can this site do anything but get bigger and better, when it is made up of such a great group of people.

I know you rock hounds would love this 5114 pound jade stone. This picture really doesn’t show how big it is!

This is Homer, Alaska, the small peninsula is called The Spit. There are many stores filled with locally handcrafted art. The beach there is all rocks. In the second picture you can see the tents where people camp out on the beach. This is a small row of stores in the beginning of The Spit. There are a few places set up for travel trailers along the narrow road down to the spit.

As you can see form the pictures The Sockeye Gallery is a beautiful store,full of handcrafted art by local artists. I think it's so interesting to see how different artists work with the same mediums that I use myself. The silver clay and dichroic glass jewelry was especially neat to see.

The Spirit of Alaska has a wonderful collection of handmade art by local artists.Teh carved ivory was absolutely beautiful. there are so many talented artists in alska. the workmanship is incredible .

Ivory and sterling silver pendants

Totems carved out of wood and painted.

This is only half of the marina at the spit.

More neat shops on The Spit. I would love to be here working all summer!!

Ivory Carver and Antler Art

Anchorage reindeer hot dog stand

For all you seed beaders out there here are some beautiful beaded articles. These were at the Heritage Center in Anchorage. I love the purple flowers on the suede boots. All the rows between the leather are beads.


  1. awesome.....what a great pic and thanks for the photos, how great to meet some of the other crafters you have met on-line. CreativeCove does have goregous pieces. So glad you had such a great trip!! woohoo...:)

  2. Wow... looks like a really great trip! How neat that you found a fellow ArtFire member by chance!!

  3. How cool is that? I would love to meet some of the AF people.