Friday, May 8, 2009

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Actually there are a lot of reasons why I like to play with fire. I have always had a fascination with flames (feel free to insert pyro here lol), I was the kid who was always adding more sticks to the fire, can I help you light it Daddy, etc.! The play of colors in the fire pit, the way the flames dance and change color are fascinating to me to this day. And I still am the person who tends the fire when we gather around the fire pit in the summer. It also brings people together, we all gather round the fire, watch the flames and socialize, grateful for the warmth as the sun starts to go down.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out about metal work! Wow I can play with fire inside the house (mind you, my husband made it abundantly clear that this was going to take place downstairs with the appropriate safety measured etc. and NOT by the living room curtains!) and I can actually use it to MAKE something beautiful and wearable (instead of a small pile of ashes at the end of a night around the fire pit).
Once I started learning (and you REALLY don't want to know how many pieces I have melted lol) and playing and trying things I only became more fascinated. The fire not only melts things, but it attaches pieces of metal together, and it makes the most beautiful color changes occur when applied to said metal correctly (see the part about melting lol). With the flame I can meld my love of lapidary (rocks) and my love of metal and flame and begin to create a piece from scratch with no purchased components. I am looking forward to many more years of playing with fire and hope that my skill and imagination will continue to grow and make many more beautiful and wearable pieces.

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  1. wow... really beautiful pieces and so unique! i am glad i happened upon this blog - i am introduced to yet another incredibly talented person!