Saturday, February 14, 2009

New News

With spring fast approaching, the February challenge is underway... I have seen some beautiful things coming ...

I am Marla with Wireworksbeading and will be updating the blog often as now that my computer is up and running well.. (no more sickness, haha).

I just wanted to post a quick note to let all of our follower, and new comers know what to expect, to see here from me in the future..

1. Adding tutorials, I have alot of things that i will add for chain maille. (Thank you ladies).. but we need everything..

2. Some form of a tip/ how to section: so ladies and gents if you have things to add send them my way please..

3. A supply directory for special or hard to find items.. I am hoping to have this with photo
attachments as well..

4.. A section for our readers to see what we are working of with photos of progression as your items turn into beautiful things that we all need to know how to do.. I will be adding things to help all viewers learn and explore new areas with your items to puchase...

I hope everyone will enjoy the weeks to come, with warmer weather approching who wouldnt be excited...


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  1. Look forward to all the wonderful happenings here. ;)