Friday, January 9, 2009

Meet Gemlover!

Gemlover aka John Rasmussen~

Introduced in his own words:

I'm a 63 y.o. geologist turned gemologist. My wife got me into this by purchasing from JTV a parcel of gemstones. Of course, they came unidentified, and they keep telling you to take them to be appraised. I bought my gem ID equipment and remembered mineralogy and optical mineralogy from college, and identified the stones. After that, Debbie told me that I ought to do something with the stones that we had (we also go to North Carolina and hunt gem rough). So, I bought lapidary equipment and started cutting my own stones. Then Debbie, said that I ought to make something with the stones I was cutting, so I started jewelry making. She is still my major inspiration and critic. I take every thing that I make for her to look at, if she doesn't immediately smile, I know that I need to scrap that design. And here I am..........

I can't imagine Johns wife not smiling~ here are some of his creations~

Please visit Johns website
Art Fire Studio


  1. What a fabulous story! My hubby is my inspiration and biggest critic! Beautiful work! Your wife has great taste!!!

  2. I am so jelly eyed! I lost my best critic last summer. I knew I'd done well when she'd grab it and say "Cool", and the way her eyes would light up when she saw it. Lucky people who still have beloved critics, Bless you all.
    I think her loss has inspired me to be more creative so when I finish something I KNOW she would approve./

  3. Great story John, sounds like you've got all you need to be successful.

  4. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing. Your work is beautiful it is so nice to have a muse.

  5. You go Debbie! and you too John. Beautiful!